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Digital business infrastructure comes with many benefits… and risks, threatening the resilience and business continuity of enterprises. 

Today, organizations easily get lost in a chaotic sea of data – because of the immense effort and expertise required to properly filter, structure and apply data in ways beneficial to company resilience and growth. 

No industry or organization is immune to the compromise of data. Breaches threaten companies of all sizes, targeting valuable intellectual property, financial data, and more. Such incidents cause vast amounts of collateral damage, financial losses, damaged reputation, regulatory sanctions, and losses of competitive advantage.

And yet, breaches can be hard to detect, often remaining undiscovered for days and even months after they occur. 
In this uncertain technological environment, compliance alone won’t do. Adaptation requires an innovative approach and holistic security-driven practices that are carefully weaved into the very core of the organizational DNA and operations. 

The “MAISHA Approach” to these emerging challenges is multi-disciplinary and based on effective security, technology problem-solving, and utilization of sometimes existing solutions within the company.




Assessing and boosting existing business processes and providing them with the competitive edge required to thrive in the rapidly changing environment of technological challenges and risks. 

High-quality risk assessments, including physical and cyber security, the human factor, online threats, digital reputation of the corporation and the interaction of these factors. We keep our clients several steps ahead of the game, with the use of diverse, customized solutions based on state-of-the-art technology.

Defining your enterprise’s social media strategy for customized competitive intelligence and analysis. We provide tailor-made data-based intelligence reports to monitor and improve your organization’s reputation and qualitative advantage.

A MAISHA-trained Chief Intelligence Officer consults how to navigate through the high-seas of data and its interactions with the business eco-system. Empowered by MAISHA WEB-LAB™, the CIO acts as the intelligence focal point, coordinating between the various vital organs of the organization and delivering the bottom-line to the executives.

The uncharted waters of the DarkNet present challenges for organizations, private corporations and individuals. Specific and targeted reporting on our client, its employees and assets’ DarkNet foot print is part of Maisha’s holistic approach to security. Is data leaking? Personal information offered for sale? Is the company discussed in any way? Are there any new threats that can be relevant to the organization? Questions Maisha’s experienced DarkNet operatives will answer.


Looking to protect your assets and improve the resilience, reputation and competitive edge of your business? Contact MAISHA Group experts with any questions and find out more about our solutions.