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Data-driven insights for enhanced performance and results

MAISHA Group offers state-of-the-art technologies for the search, collection, and real-time monitoring of online data.
Our powerful tools and evolving databases will enhance the work of analysts in any organization and bring you fast, actionable insights to be integrated
into the decision-making processes for leverage and better results.

  • Over 46,000 gigabytes of data travel through the internet every second
  • 2.7 billion people have active social media accounts
  • 1.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone – and growing by the minute
  • 4 new petabytes, or 4 million gigabytes, of data, are generated on Facebook per day
  • 500 million tweets appear on Twitter daily
  • 4 million hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube each day

      ➔ and a mere 0.5% of all online datails ever analyzed

Social media host immense quantities of data on any topic imaginable yet only some of it can be discovered through standard search engines.
In many cases, it is not possible to find the required information even when using the social networks’ internal search engines. 
Online data collection is a challenging and time-consuming process, often requiring the analysts to look for the proverbial needles in the haystacks of social networks. 

WEB-LAB™ and WEB-TRACKER™ were designed to address these challenges by providing advanced, yet intuitive search
and real-time monitoring platforms, aimed at demystifying social media while aiding analysts at all levels of expertise in their efforts to find hidden information on the deep web. 


A set of advanced, cloud-based search tools designed by MAISHA GROUP and aimed at reinforcing the human process of WEBINT and Open-source investigation.
WEB-LAB™ automates common data collection and investigation processes and offers analysts easier, faster and more comprehensive work methods.

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The tool was designed to dynamically monitor and visualize critical developments in real-time within a chosen topic of interest. Based on a bottom-up methodology that focuses on people, events, and facilities of interest, the WEB-TRACKER™ equips analysts with cloud-based tools for both real-time monitoring and analysis, to help them follow the relevant entity’s online activities and interactions.

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